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Eurus Gesellschaft für Industriebeteiligung, Entwicklung und Handel mbH

Strasse am Heizhaus 1, 10318 Berlin, Germany

Trade register number: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 50117

VAT Identification No.: DE 1 61 65 12 91

We point out that we examined all left for our website. This does not exclude however that the operators of the InterNet sides, on which we left, which change and/or take contents out in the meantime. We can take therefore no responsibility for contents of InterNet contents not operated by us.

If errors during the linking or "strange" contents should seem to you under left, ask we you for your assistance and an immediate report. Thanks for this!

Redaction references on: redaktion@eurus-berlin.de

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Our E-Mail - Address: info@eurus-berlin.de

Our Homepage: www.eurus-berlin.de

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