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Eurus Gesellschaft für Industriebeteiligung, Entwicklung und Handel mbH

Eurus Gesellschaft für Industriebeteiligung, Entwicklung und Handel mbH was founded as Private Limited in Berlin in 1993.

During the first period of time Eurus worked for different partnership projects of Russian companies in Germany. Later on export and import business between Europe und Asia and the development of manufacturing facilities abroad became the main pillars of our firm.

Right from the beginning Eurus has concentrated its efforts on finding direct contacts to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of branches like:

Current activities are amongst others

Because of our very good knowledge and long experience we are able to investigate potential manufacturers/suppliers in a very short time and to submit cost efficient offers. It doesn’t matter if the subjects of inquiries are forgings or castings of different materials and sizes, with and without machining or if the subjects are bearings, sealing materials or electronic parts etc. There is a deliberately wide range of parts.

Through our own ventures abroad we are able to offer different parts and components based on customer drawings and/or samples on optimal delivery conditions, cost efficiently and at a high quality.

For combustion engines we can offer complete R&D performances incl. tests and endurance tests in cooperation with a German partner of excellent and long time skills.

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